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01761 690 014

Terms and Conditions

We have terms and conditions of hire which are listed below in order for us to hire any equipment they must be complied with. This will ensure that we will always be able to provide a professional service and make your party a safe and fun place to be.


1.1. “The Client” refers to the hirer, person, company or organisation placing a booking, order for equipment or entertainment with “The Company”.
1.2. “The Company” refers to Jumping Jo’s.
1.3. “Equipment” refers to any or all items owned by the company that has been supplied to the client for the duration of the hire period.
1.4. “Wet Hire” refers to equipment or any service hired by the client but operated and supervised by the company (manned).
1.5. “Dry Hire” referred to equipment or any service hired by the client and operated and supervised by the client (unmanned).

2.1. By placing an order with the company either verbally over the phone, via e-mail or Facebook page, it is deemed and understood that the client fully agrees and is then bound by our terms and conditions of hire listed here and then enters into a contract with the company. You will also be required to sign a paper copy on the day of delivery of the equipment.
2.2. Responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of all booking details relating to the hire of the equipment lies with the client.
2.3. In the event of circumstances foreseen or unforeseen that prevents us from being able to fulfil our contracted obligations, our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any loss of earnings.
2.4. Hire of equipment is on a daily basis.

3.1. Our standard delivery time is between 7 am -12 pm (Noon) and our standard collection time are between 4 pm-7 pm. Due to a large number of bookings, we take we are unable to take specific timings, unless using and hiring a venue, but requests may be made and notes added to your booking where we will do our best to accommodate these. However, these cannot be guaranteed and no confirmation can be given. You can call us (01761 690 014) 48 hours before the day for delivery and collection timings.
3.2. All services and equipment booked will be delivered, inspected and set up on-site by our delivery team. Once set up, the client or the representative acting on their behalf must then sign for the delivery by signing a copy of our terms and conditions of hire and rental agreement.
3.3. By signing for the equipment or service, the client or representative acting on their behalf are confirming that they are happy with the equipment, location and service and that everything has been left in full working order and is fit for purpose.
3.4. Once the equipment has been signed for any breakages, damages, losses, theft will then be liable by the client to the full value for either repair or replacement.
3.5. In the event that you are unhappy with any equipment or services provided then please make your delivery team aware and do not sign for any of the equipment until you are happy with the resolution offered by the company. Once the equipment has been signed for, you are signing to confirm that you are happy and that any claim made will not be accepted nor any refund offered.
3.6. Please ensure you have adequate entrance points in regards to size for the equipment you are hiring, some of our equipment such as larger inflatables require at least 1.5m access point or may even need our delivery team to drive directly onto the site and installation point.
 3.7. Please allow the following time before the event for the company to deliver and setup the equipment, also after the event for them to take down and remove the equipment;
3.7.1. 20-30 minutes for a standard inflatable/Soft play package.
3.7.2. 30-40 minutes disco domes/fun runs & obstacle course.
3.7.3. 30-45 minutes slides.
3.7.4. Please allow extra time if your order includes party extras
3.7.5. For multiple units i.e. dual package/ soft play package plus bouncy castle allow at least another 20 minutes.
3.8. The client must not refuse the collection of the equipment for any reason.
3.9. All company items and equipment are left in the responsibility and care of the client from the time they are delivered until the time that they are collected. If collection is delayed for any reason the client is still responsible until the items are collected.
3.10. The client must ensure that any persons collecting the equipment are representatives of the company.

4.1. All delivery and collection times are approximate and the company will always try its best to ensure our delivery teams run on time and within their delivery time slots; however, due to situations and issues outside of the company’s control such as traffic problems, delays at previous deliveries, vehicle breakdowns, etc. the company will not be held responsible or liable for any losses or costs incurred by yourselves or any forms of additional compensation. The company recommends that the client allows 2 hours either side of your delivery and collection to ensure the smooth running of your event.
4.2. In the event of any mechanical or breakdown of equipment either before or during your event which prevents or limits us to fulfil our contracted obligations, our liability shall be limited to a pro-rata refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted item or equipment to which we are unable to provide. Where a break down occurs during an event, a pro-rata refund for the remaining time booked will be applied based on the start and finish times we have from you. Any refund will also be limited to the specific item at fault and not the booking as a whole. This also includes generator failure, only being limited to the cost of the generator affected and not any of the items to which it is due to power. The company highly recommends the use of additional back up generators or back up power sources.
4.3. All breakdowns or faults must be reported to the company ASAP via phone  (01761 690 014) by the client and the equipment should then not be used from the discovery of the fault until the client is told it is safe to do so by the company. The company will then dispatch, where possible, someone to inspect the fault, provide a replacement subject to availability, and aim to fix or replace within 2 hours of reporting the fault. Any reduction of our fee is at the discretion of the company and limited only to the percentage of time the equipment is inoperable.

5.1. All sizes and measurements quoted are approximate and are to the best of the company’s knowledge.
5.2. All equipment remains the property of the company at all times and they reserve the right to collect the equipment at any time they feel necessary either in the event or expectation, of poor weather or any other reason they produce.
5.3. The company reserves the right to alter, amend or change the product specifications without prior notice.
5.4. The company reserves the right to substitute any booked equipment or service with another piece of equipment or service of a similar type and value without prior notice in the event the booked equipment is damaged, stolen or double booked.
5.5. The company reserves the right to use any images or photos of our equipment taken by ourselves, We will not seek permission to use these and they may be used within our future marketing efforts or product images.
5.6. The equipment cannot be sub-hired to a third party by the client.

6.1. Please ensure that there is clear access to the site and there are no obstructions/ hazards including stones, overhanging tree branches, sharp bushes, broken glass, animal excrement etc, the company reserve the right to refuse hire on delivery if animal mess is present for health & safety reasons and also reserve the right to charge an additional fee for cleaning costs if equipment has been exposed to animal mess and deemed unsuitable for use.
6.2. The space required to operate the equipment safely may be larger than the equipment size and this information can be found online under the individual product descriptions or by contacting the office. It is the client’s responsibility to check that they have enough space including height for indoor hires and also the correct surface to operate the equipment booked.
6.2.1. Inflatables need an additional 4ft gap in front of the castle for access and a 4ft gap behind the castle for the blower, a 2ft gap is also required on both sides. Please also ensure that there is enough room to allow for the height of the inflatable especially for indoor hires.
6.2.2. Please ensure that an area of 3 feet (1 metre) around the soft play is completely clear. If sufficient space is not available at the venue site for the package ordered, we reserve the right to remove certain items, at our discretion, for health and safety reasons. However, you will still be charged for them.
6.3. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure easy access to the venue for unloading and loading of equipment. Any restrictions (e.g. lack of parking, stairs, excessive distances from our vehicle to the setup location over 50m) must be reported to the company prior to the event.
6.4. On delivery, if the surface, space or venue isn’t suitable the equipment will not be set up, delivery will be refused and a full charge will be expected from the client. This includes any provisions the client has failed to inform the company such as stairs, obstructions, excess distance to the site (over 50m) etc.
6.5. Inflatables will only be set up outside on flat lawn areas so that we can anchor the inflatable down correctly using ground stakes. The company will not set up inflatables on slopes or any other surface e.g. concrete, tarmac, patios, gravel, soil, wood chippings, wood decking & astroturf.
6.6. On delivery, the equipment will be set up in one agreed location and will not be moved once unloaded and erected. Under no circumstances should the client attempt to move, relocate or reposition the equipment as this could then make the equipment unsafe and cause injury and/or death.
6.7. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that suitable security, and crowd control measures are in place prior to the start and during the event.
6.8. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the delivery team prior to the start of delivery of any underground services present on site e.g. drainage, water pipes, electricity cables etc. Many pieces of our equipment use metal pegs, up to 380mm long, which are inserted into the ground to secure them safely. The company will not accept responsibility or cost of damage caused by these.
6.9. Where the delivery needs to go through a house, property or any other area, our drivers will take the utmost care; however, any damage caused will not be accepted by the company as their responsibility and this will be down to the client to repair, replace and take responsibility for. This includes water damage when moving wet equipment through properties.

7.1. The majority of our equipment requires a power supply in order to operate. This is normally taken via a standard household socket.
7.2. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that a safe 240V 13 amp AC mains power supply is available on the delivery & throughout the hire period within 20-50 meters of where the inflatable is to be sited and the number of these required will depend on the type and number of items you have hired.
7.3. We use extension leads in order to connect the power supply and equipment, these are normally 20m extension leads. We are able to provide up to 50m extension leads with prior notice but after this, a generator would be required.
7.4. The company cannot be held liable for power cuts. No compensation will be paid for loss of use.

8.1. Any generators on a dry hire may require refuelling during the hire period. The client must ensure someone capable is able to do this and that they are able to make regular checks on the generator fuel levels and they should not be allowed to go any lower than ¼ of a tank.
8.2. Operator to be instructed on safe use onsite before use, safety fencing erected around blower/generator.
8.3. The operator must ensure no persons enter this area. Fuel is supplied ready in the generator for up to 4 hours hire. No spare fuel is supplied.

9.1. All equipment must be supervised at all times by at least one responsible and competent adult over the age of 18 years old. There must be at least 2 adults supervising the children at all times when there are over 10 children playing, as a ratio you should ensure that there is 1 supervising adult for every 5 children. It is the responsibility of the supervising adult’s to ensure that the equipment doesn’t become too overcrowded. The company accepts no liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur whilst the equipment is on hire.
9.2. Certain or larger pieces of equipment at larger events will require additional supervision with at least one member at each entrance and exit. If the client wishes not to do this or accept the risk themselves then we can provide event staff on request at an additional charge, subject to availability.
9.3. If also hiring staff please note they are there to operate and supervise the equipment safely and are not there to mind, watch or be responsible for children or the venues property.
9.4. The company reserves the right to remove or stop operating any equipment where it is felt the conduct of guests endangers the safety of other guests or users, the safety of the equipment or for any other reason the company may see fit. At no time will any level of abuse directed towards our staff be tolerated. In these cases no refund will be offered.
9.5. Prevent horseplay and ensure children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
9.6. Users of the equipment must remove shoes, glasses, jewellery, badges, any long necklaces, buckles or sharp objects.
9.7. Appropriate clothing must be worn by all users of our equipment at all times. This includes making sure all users wear socks and all exposed skin is covered to avoid burns, injury or friction burns. During hot weather inflatables and PVC can become extremely hot. If the inflatable becomes too hot it must not be used until the temperature has cooled.
9.8. No food or drink is allowed on the inflatables or soft play equipment including mats to prevent making a mess and risk of choking.
9.9. Users who are, or have suffered from Neck, Back, or Heart conditions, feel unwell, or who are pregnant are not permitted on the equipment.
9.10. Ensure that individuals using the activity / equipment are not under the influence of alcohol or any other prescribed medicines or illegal and/ or intoxicating substances. 

9.11. Each inflatable has a maximum user number & user height, these limits are there for the safety of the users please do not exceed them.
9.12. Do not allow users to bounce on the front step or allow users to climb or hang on the walls, roof or supporting beams of the inflatable. The step is there to aid users in getting on or off the inflatable!
9.13. No somersaults or other manoeuvres that may risk causing damage to the persons head/ neck/ back or any other part of any person’s body are allowed on the inflatable.
9.14. Inflatables are suitable for children ONLY unless otherwise stated (see website for further information) & children of similar size should only use the inflatable at the same time. Adults and children must not use the equipment at the same time. Please see website for maximum number of users and user heights per inflatable.
9.15. The inflatable must NEVER be deflated (Blower switched off) while in use & the anchor points (safety pegs/sandbags) must not be tampered with.
9.16. In the event of a power failure all users must leave the inflatable immediately to prevent injury.
9.17. Do not allow anyone to be on the inflatable during inflation or deflation or whilst deflated.
9.18. The inflatable should not be used if it becomes wet on the jumping/sliding area. Any wetness, including bubbling (which is normal), can be dried with a towel before use.
9.19. Do not use water or other liquids on the inflatables or any other hired items supplied. If there has been no rain during your hire period then none of the equipment should be wet!
9.20. Obstacle Course/Slides 
9.20.1. Only one user at a time allowed down the slide, in a central position. A feet-first, sitting up or lying down position (on backs only).
9.20.2. The bottom of the slide must be kept unobstructed & each user should move quickly away from the bottom of the slide on arrival before the next user slides down. The surface of the slide must be kept clean & smooth to allow users to slide freely.
9.20.3. Users MUST not push each other down the slide as this may cause injury.
9.20.4. Obstacle course must operate a one way round system from start to finish.
9.21. Disco Domes & Disco Bouncy Castles 
9.21.1. Do not tamper with the lighting system. The company accepts no responsibility for any health issues caused due to flashing lights, the client is responsible for ensuring anyone with photosensitive epilepsy does not use the equipment.
9.21.2. The speaker sound control level should not be modified from that set by the delivery team to reduce noise level use the volume control of the connected device, this is the responsibility of the client.
9.21.3. DO NOT turn the volume up to maximum level as this will likely cause hearing damage, upset neighbours & potentially damage the speaker. If the speaker is damaged the client will be liable for the repair or replacement costs and our loss of earnings if it is rendered out of commission for any reason. The company accepts no responsibility for damage caused to hearing.
9.21.4. These inflatables are suitable for children and adults where specified, however in the interest of Health & Safety it is important that children and adults do not use the inflatables at the same time! Only users of similar size should use the castle at the same time.

9.22. Always ensure that the soft play equipment is not overcrowded, & limit numbers according to the age and size of children using it.
9.23. The Ball Pool should be limited to no more than 3 children at any one time. It is the responsibility of the supervising adults to reduce that number accordingly in particularly young children are in the Pool with older ones.
9.24. Do not allow anyone to jump from the tops of the play equipment.
9.25. Although the Soft play equipment and balls from the Ball Pool are cleaned after every event it is recommended that supervising adults discourage children from placing balls in their mouths for hygiene purposes.
9.26. Particular care should be taken when younger children and toddlers are exiting the Ball Pool to ensure no accidents occur. Diving/Jumping into or sitting/standing on the side of the Ball Pool MUST NOT be allowed.
9.27. Safety mats MUST always be used under Ball Pools and all Soft play items.
9.28. Soft play equipment MUST NOT be thrown and Ball Pools should not be moved once set up.

10.1. The client may charge individuals to use the equipment.
10.2. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that, once set up, due care and attention are given to avoid damage to the equipment and injury to its users.
10.3. NO confetti, silly string, streamers, party poppers or similar ink-based products on or near the equipment. These such products can stain and are difficult to remove. The cost of cleaning will be charged to the client at £30 per hour plus costs. If not removable full replacement/repair costs are liable by the client. If using face paint, please ensure this is water-based and easily removed with a cloth. Staining left by face paint will result in the Client being invoiced for cleaning or repair
10.4. No smoking, barbecues, fires or fireworks near the inflatables or soft play or any other equipment.
10.5. In the unlikely event of an accident occurring, to comply with our Insurance conditions, professional medical advice must be sought within 1 hour of the injury occurring, full written details including, name and address of injured party, names and address of witnesses, circumstances of accident must be recorded and a copy sent to the company immediately as reports are likely to be requested by the Insurance company should a claim arise. 10.6. In the unlikely event of a problem with the hired equipment during the hire period, the client MUST NOT attempt to fix the problem. Instead, the client should ring the company on 01761 690 014.
10.7. All equipment (Inflatables/soft play/party add-ons & other equipment) must be returned in an acceptable condition at the end of the hire period, i.e. undamaged, clean, unsoiled, If soiling of the equipment does occur, the hirer is responsible for cleaning the equipment using ONLY water – any other type of solution will damage the equipment. However, if the equipment is badly soiled at the end of the hire period the hirer will be expected to pay an additional charge of £30.00 per hour to cover the cleaning costs plus additional fees for any loss of earnings if the equipment is rendered out of commission for any reason. The company will invoice the client and the amount must be paid within 14 days of the party/event.
10.8. All our inflatables are put through a yearly rigorous safety test. If it is found that adults have used a non-adult inflatable then it must be retested to ensure it is safe for the next client to hire for their children. There will be an initial charge of £100 to have the inflatable retested, you will also be liable for any repairs & loss of earnings.
10.9. No pets to be allowed on or near the equipment & No signs are to be glued, taped or hung on the inflatable.
10.10. Disco dome & Disco Castles – the company DOES NOT supply any music or devices for playing music with this castle we only supply the speaker, auxiliary cables, & Bluetooth receiver (The company cannot be held responsible for compatibility with your device) for connecting your device.
10.11. Ensure safety mats are in the correct position at the entrance and exit points of the inflatable at all times.
10.12. The client must periodically check the blower to ensure the blower tube is connected to the blower and the inlet vent on the side of the blower is clear at all times.
10.13. In the event of the blower overheating or loses power, unplug the blower from the mains and then plug back in and switch on 1-2 minutes later if this does not rectify the problem contact us immediately on 01761 690 014. 
10.14. The soft play equipment is only suitable for babies from 6 months old to children up to and including 5 years old. Please ensure NO-ONE over this age uses the play equipment.
10.15. Soft play equipment is available for indoor use ONLY.
10.16. Parents/guardians who enter the soft play area or walk over the padded floor tiles whilst supervising must remove their shoes. Any damage will result in the client having to pay an additional fee.
10.17. Please note the Ball Pool should only be dismantled by ourselves, please do not attempt to pack away, we do ask that all balls are back in the pool at the end of the hire period as this will be really helpful and cut down the time it takes to pack away.
10.18. Giant garden games & Didicars are suitable for children & adults.
10.19. Rockers & Ride-Ons (including Happy Hopperz) are ONLY suitable for children & should be supervised closely and only 1 child should play on them at a time. Please see the website for age restrictions for each item.
10.20. Children must not stand on the seats of the rockers, ride-ons & Happy Hopperz.
10.21. Ride-ons must not be used as “bumper cars” whereby children deliberately run into another child’s vehicle at any time.

11.1. The company provides 5 million pounds of public liability which covers the equipment only and not the users. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover in place to cover the users and the public.
11.2. The client agrees to indemnify the company for any damage or theft of the company’s equipment whilst on hire howsoever caused and also for any loss sustained by the company due to the non-availability of the equipment to fulfil further engagements. The client is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement in full.
11.3. The client agrees to indemnify the company from any property damage claim.
11.4. The client agrees to indemnify the company from any claim of accident or injury from users of the equipment.
11.5. The company’s public liability insurance cover only exists when an employee of the company is supervising the equipment.

12.1. For outdoor hires, the equipment must not be used in heavy rain or windy conditions. In the event of rain, remove all users from the equipment until the rain has passed, then dry off any water with a towel, before use continues.
12.2. The industry recommends a maximum wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale of  38 kph (24 mph) when using inflatables to ensure all our equipment is operated within safe conditions and minimise the risk of accident or injury. Force 5 is a fresh breeze when small trees and leaves begin to sway, whereas Force 6 is a strong breeze when large branches are in motion, whistling can be heard in telephone lines and umbrellas can only be handled with difficulty. Weather forecasts can be obtained from the Meteorological Office
12.3. In the event of rain or windy conditions, all electrical equipment must be turned off from the mains, by a responsible adult.

13.1. All prices advertised are subject to change without any prior notice.
13.2. All written quotations are valid for 14 days, after this period a new quote will need to be provided which could result in an increase in price.

14.1. A non-refundable Booking Fee/deposit based on our Payment Policy of 25% of the total booking value (rounded up to the nearest £5) may be required at time of booking to secure your booking. Payment made by Debit Card/Credit Card/Mastercard. Failure to pay the Booking Fee will result in your booking being cancelled and the items being made available for hire. The Booking Fee will be deducted from the final Booking Value. Booking Fees are transferable up to 1 year (365 days) if sufficient notice period is given before the hire date as per our Cancellation Policy.
14.2. The company is unable to offer any credit facilities. The remaining balance must be paid in full and cleared funds, as per the terms set out in the Clients Booking, prior to the commencement of the hire period stated on the Payment options;
14.2.1. CASH to be paid to the delivery driver at the beginning of the hire period before the equipment is set up, please note no payment no setup. We do not accept cheques or cards on the day of the hire.
14.2.2. BACS/BANK TRANSFER paid into our account 3 days before the hire date, our account details for payments are shown on the invoice that will be sent to you with your booking confirmation letter, You MUST quote your  BOOKING ID number as a reference when making bank transfers so we can tie your payment to your booking.
14.2.3. CARD PAYMENTS – Debit Card/Credit Card/Mastercard paid 3 days before the hire date.
14.2.4. Weddings, Christenings, Events, Schools & Wet hires the remaining balance MUST be paid in full 7 days before the hire date.
14.3. If the payment contract is not met as per the Booking, the Company hold the right to cancel the booking and all monies paid will be lost.


The person/organisation hiring the equipment will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure they are adhered to. Jumping Jos cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment.

I have read and understood the above document fully and accept the conditions above. I am aware that whilst in my care I am fully responsible for the play equipment. I hereby agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions and safety procedures listed above and have received & understood the Hirer/Supervisors Operator Guide.