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Throw a Princess Themed Party with Princess Bouncy Castle

Back when you were a kid, a birthday is that one day where your family treats you like a royalty. If your daughter’s birthday is coming up, you can make her huge day additionally exceptional with a princess themed birthday party. Little girls’ ultimate role models are princesses. Throwing a princess themed birthday party for your young lady is like giving her and her friends the chance to be princesses for one whole day. There are many people who throw a princess-themed party, the difference is how you execute your princess birthday surprise.

Begin by picking a date and a setting. Normally, themed parties are done at home, however, if you discover a venue that fits your theme and makes it more magical then you’re free to choose that. You’ll need to make a list of people to attend and give out invitations around 3 weeks in advance. Once you’re done with these details, it’s time to decorate.

For a princess party, gold or silver colour schemes accentuated by a colour of your choice will be the best choice. For little girls, pink is an all-time favourite. You can also ask your little girl what her favourite colour is and work from there. As for the food, you can choose to prepare anything and just look for a utensil or design that adheres to the princess theme.

Entertaining your princesses is not difficult. Most birthday parties have a bouncer, and for your princess themed party, The Princess Bounce House is a must-have. The little princess can bounce, twirl and twirl to their heart’s content. Of course, adult supervision is important in monitoring safe play in the Bounce House.

This Princess Bounce House will ensure that all the little princesses and princes in your daughter’s birthday will have fun. So, if you are looking for a Princess Bounce House that’ll fit your Princess themed birthday party, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our website or call us on 01761 690014.


Dedicated 13 amp power supply required
Adult Supervision required at all times
Max occupancy 6 persons

Supplied With:

Crash mats
Extension lead up to 60 meters with RCD


Space Requierd16ft18ft12.6ft


Max Users @

Suitable ForYes/No
Indoors on Hard SurfaceYes
Outdoors on GrassYes