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01761 690 014

Mega Pirate Slide Hire

Prices From £295.00*
*Plus Delivery

A big event calls for the big inflatable slide! This pirate slide is brilliant for children, teens and adults, at 22.6ft high, it’s a real show stopper!

Mega Pirate Slide Hire
Planning to host a pirate-themed party or event? This giant pirate slide is a must.

Thinking of a new way to spice up your next party? Unleash everybody’s adventurous side by hosting a Pirate Themed Party! A pirate themed party is a great way to lighten the mood and create a perfect setting for interaction. Whether it’s a kid’s party or an adult’s party, pirate themed parties give that sense of adventure and the exciting idea of “pirate’s life.”

Of course, you don’t need a real pirate ship to be a pirate for the day. You need the right décor that will create the ambience of a pirate ship. Your décor should exude the daring, ruthless and carefree spirit of pirate life. When designing, consider the colours to be used. Stick to the colours red, black and gold and let your imagination do the rest.

Real pirate food or grub is not that good to look at. Instead of preparing grub, just put the pirate touches on real, fresh food. Prepare skewered cheese, veggies, meats and tropical fruits. You can also use those plastic swords as design. Did you know that galley cooks on real pirate ships use a lot of spices to hide the taste of gone off food? Lucky for your guests, your food is fresh, just incorporate the spices and spice up your food!

While the whole set up might be entertaining enough, it is a good idea for preparing some pirate themed entertainment. You could use a little treasure hunt that both kids and adults love. Since you’re already exerting effort to your pirate themed party, why not rent a Mega Pirate Slide? This inflatable slide is ready for use by both kids and adults and can accommodate 12 people. Nobody gets left out of the fun!

Celebrate pirate-style and hire the Mega Pirate Slide! Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to make your party a success. Just visit our website or call us on 01761 690014 for more information.

Floor SpaceHeight
Unit Size:30.5ft X 23.9ft22.9ft
Required Space:41ft x 39.9ft23ft
Required Access Width:4.6ft
Child ImageSuitable For ChildrenYes Image
Adult ImageSuitable For AdultsYes Image
umbrellaShower Cover Not includedNo Image

Suitable For

Indoors on Artificial GrassYes Image
Indoors on Hard SurfaceYes Image
Outdoors on GrassYes Image

Not Suitable For

Outdoors on ConcreteNo Image
Outdoors on Hard SurfaceNo Image
Outdoors on TarmacNo Image
Max users Max users @ 1m12
Max users Max users @ 1.2m12
Max users Max users @ 1.5m12
Max users Max users @ 1.8m12

Collection after 19:00/7pm is for manned items only. These will have "with staff" in their titles or where event staff are to be booked also. These include photo booths, rodeo bull, last man standing, surf simulators etc.