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With our Giant Jungle Slide, you’ll definitely feel like you are gliding down on a steep slope of a jungle! Perfect for a variety of events, this inflatable will bring more fun to your party as it is suitable for kids and adults. This inflatable slide will stand out at any event keeping guests entertained for hours on end. The excitement as you climb to the top of the steps, all for that enjoyable slide all the way back down, only to do it all over again.

Our Giant Jungle Slide stands at 15 ft high with bright coloured Jungle theme artwork. If you will be having a party for your kids, you can work on the theme of your party around this and display some decorations of their favourite animals. Jungle party ideas you can incorporate in your safari themed party include having your guests wear leopard prints, serving tiger-striped cupcakes, giving kids animal masks, posting coconut trees tarpaulins and many more!

This inflatable is also good to be placed outdoors so you can adjust the setting and incorporate the Giant Jungle Slide. It will be more enjoyable if you set the party on a date promises a good humid weather.

This inflatable Slide will stand out at any event keeping guests entertained for hours on end with such simplicity.

Our Giant Jungle Slide is massively enjoyable entertainment for all the family. Time will fly at any event as guests lose themselves in the fun to be had with this extraordinary, lovable inflatable. To have the best Jungle experience, this inflatable is perfect to combine with our Jungle mega activity bouncy castle.

Suitable for a whole variety of event. This Slide will make for a stunning attraction at your fun day, private party, corporate event, charity event or birthday party.


Dedicated 13 amp power supply required
Adult Supervision required at all times
Max occupancy 10 persons

Supplied With:

Crash mats
Extension lead up to 60 meters with RCD


Space Requierd30ft24ft15.6ft


Max Users @

Suitable ForYes/No
Indoors on Hard SurfaceYes
Outdoors on GrassYes