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Fun Fair Side Stall Hire

Prices From £150.00*
*Plus Delivery

Roll up, Roll up, don’t be shy and bag yourself a prize! A great challenge for everyone with these fantastic fun fairground stalls. You’d be nuts not to have a go!

Fun Fair Side Stall Hire, Fun Entertainment For All
All the fun of the fair with our inflatable side stalls decorated in a traditional fun fair theme. These side stalls are the perfect addition to any event. We have a range of fairground side stall games to choose from.

The side stalls can be operated indoors or out. All the side stalls are easy to set up and run, they are fully covered in the inflatable pavilion.

A Selection of fairground side stalls including Coconut Shy, Tin Can Alley, Hook a Duck, Hoopla, Feed the Clown. Select a choice of three games from below

Prizes and coconuts can be added for a small charge.

Hooh A Duck Side Stall
Always popular with children & adults. Each person tries to hook a duck with a rod which is made harder as the duck floats around the water pool. Prizes can be given away if a duck is hooked on the Hook a Duck fairground stall.
Tin Can Alley Side Stall
A great Fairground Side Stall to hire with a twist, which will keep the whole family entertained. Each has six small balls to throw at the balls floating on the air jugglers. If all the balls are knocked down on the Tin Can Alley stall, then a prize can be given away.
The Coconut Shy Side Stall
Always a favourite at any fairground theme event. The coconut shy side stall comes complete with six coconut shy holders & a set of wooden balls to throw at the coconuts. The Coconut Shy stall is enclosed, so all balls are kept inside the coconut shy fairground stall. Coconuts can be supplied and when knocked off can be kept as a prize. The Coconut Shy can be enjoyed by the whole family and is great entertainment for any event.
Feed The Clown Side Stall
A game of skill. Suitable for all ages, you must try & hit the floating ball into the clown’s mouth. Prizes can be won on the Feed the Clown fairground side stall.
The Hoopla Side Stall
A fun fairground game for hiring. With Six Hoopla pegs to aim in the side stall. Each player must try and throw a hoop over the pegs. Prizes can be won on the Hoopla fairground stall.

Collection after 19:00/7pm is for manned items only. These will have "with staff" in their titles or where event staff are to be booked also. These include photo booths, rodeo bull, last man standing, surf simulators etc.