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Experience Royalty Like Never Before with this Medieval Themed Party Complete With Dragon Bouncy Castle

Celebrate like it’s the Middle Ages! Host a medieval party that’s perfect for both kids and adults. The medieval times were all about royalty, knights, princesses and castles. You can even throw in a dragon for that magical effect that your kids will love. Remember to incorporate all these elements when planning for your party. Use these ideas to make your medieval party one of a kind.

Just like any party, you should start by thinking when to hold your party and where is the best place for it. You can do it in your backyard or a carefully chosen venue. If you are satisfied with these details, you can now start planning who to invite. For the invitations, make sure that it matches your theme. You can use a vintage design and include imageries like a crown, a knight or a dragon. Also, choose a font that says much about the theme.

Your decorations should also match the Middle Ages. Use the colours associated with this era, such as deep purples, reds, blues, greens and mix in some gold. If you’re not on a tight budget, try using antique-looking candelabras to design your tables. Your décor can be used as a backdrop for pictures.

As for the food and drinks, medieval cuisine mostly serves meat, cheese and vegetables. For drinks, you can try those drinks that resemble the colours of wine and beer. To make your guest feel like they’re royalty in the Middle Ages, have them drink in goblets.

For entertainment, you can host games that are medieval-age inspired. Put a dragon piñata in place or a board game table that your guests can play at will. To complete the entertainment, consider hiring a Dragon Bouncy Castle from Jumping Jo’s! This Dragon Bouncy Castle is suitable for use of both kids and adults. Just remember the safety regulations when using the Dragon Bouncy Castle.

Host the most unforgettable Medieval Themed Party with the Dragon Bouncy Castle! Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to make your party a success. Just visit our website or call us on 01761 690014 for more information.


Dedicated 13 amp power supply required
Adult Supervision required at all times
Max occupancy 12 persons

Supplied With:

Crash mats
Extension lead up to 60 meters with RCD


Space Requierd24ft24ft 12.6ft


Max Users @

Suitable ForYes/No
Indoors on Hard SurfaceYes
Outdoors on GrassYes

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