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Throw a Dino-themed Party for Your Dinosaur Loving Kid Using Dino Bouncy Castle

Are your kids fond of dinosaurs? Do they recite the names of their favourite dinosaurs in a song and bring their special Stegosaurus and Triceratops toys wherever they go? Imagine their delight if you’re to throw a dinosaur-themed party for a special day! Planning a dinosaur-themed party for your kids isn’t hard and can be lots of fun if you’ll let them help prepare. For a start, we proudly bring to you a colourful Dino Bouncy Castle, one of our medium sized bouncy castles which can accommodate up to 6 children. This Bouncy Castle will delight all the kids and will surely give a memorable party for them.

Your main attraction is checked and now comes the details. Let your kids help you with creating dinosaur cutouts that can be displayed all over the venue. Colourful and glittery is the way to go! Make the preparation as fun as the actual party and prep your kids with the right costumes. Having cute dinosaurs hat and masks can make the kids more joyful and playful.

Our very attractive and colourful Dino Bouncy Castle that would definitely stand out from the venue and will make the kids have lots of fun. This Bouncy Castle with brightly coloured and cool dinosaur designs. In addition to this, the Dino inspired bouncy castle is not just intended for boys but for girls as well to make sure that everyone will be entertained, have fun and acquire a remarkable experience with the other kids.

The unit consists of a generous bouncing area to maximise enjoyment. Furthermore, this inflatable is best for indoor use on hard surfaces making it ideal for parties or any kiddie events that will guarantee fun and enjoyment for children up to 11 years of age.

Quality wise, this inflatable castle is made from superior class materials to ensure the safety of your kids while they are playing and having fun. Plus, the Dino Bouncy Castle inflatable is fully insured, maintained and safety tested on a regular basis to ensure they are as good as the day they came from the factory. We always ensure all our equipment is fully cleaned & sanitized after each and every use.

This product comes with Blower, Crash mats, Stakes/sandbags and Extension lead up to 60 meters with RCD. With our tailor-made Website & Online booking system, you can now check the availability of all our products and book online.

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Dedicated 13 amp power supply required
Adult Supervision required at all times
Max occupancy 6 persons

Supplied With:

Crash mats
Extension lead up to 60 meters with RCD


Space Requierd16ft18ft12.6ft


Max Users @

Suitable ForYes/No
Indoors on Hard SurfaceYes
Outdoors on GrassYes