Planning an event this autumn/winter? Don’t let the bad weather get you down


Party planning in the autumn/winter season can be tricky, especially with such turbulent weather. I think it’s fair to say that the weather recently has been pretty drab. If it hasn’t been pouring with rain, then the wind has been strong enough to whisk us off our feet. But just because the weather’s been atrocious, doesn’t mean you have to abandon your event altogether! A football game may be rained off, but your event doesn’t have to be, so here are a few tips to help you plan a fantastic event this autumn/winter season.

Find a venue that fits you, don’t fit around a venue.

If you’d originally planned to have your event outside, you would’ve probably been working with a lot more space. Your guest list may have been a little bigger, and you might have been planning for some pretty extravagant entertainment. That doesn’t have to change just because you need to move the event indoors, however. If you need to take your party inside, be sure to find a venue that suits your plans. Compromising to fit a smaller venue could mean that you have to cut down your guest list, change entertainment plans, or even adjust your theme entirely. Take a bit of time to do some venue research so you can still throw the party you want.

Inflatable attractions that can be set up indoors.

We’re pretty big fans of inflatable attractions here at Jumping Jo’s if you didn’t already know. If you were hoping to plan an outdoor event that included a bouncy castle or inflatable game, you may still be able to keep your entertainment. Many of our inflatables can be delivered and installed to indoor locations, as long as the necessary power outlets are available, there is sufficient space, and the surface is suitable. We can even supply a list of suitable venues across the Wiltshire and Somerset region.

Embrace the season for your event theme.

There are plenty of ways that you can embrace the autumnal and wintery weather when planning. However, why not use the season to create a great theme. Winter Wonderland may be the classic option, and there is no limit to the decoration that you go for – especially indoors. Find a snow machine, cover your venue in snowmen, snowflakes, polar bears, frosted trees and whatever else you can think of. If you’re considering an autumnal theme, fill the room with brightly coloured leaves in a range of orange, red, and brown hues. Dot autumnal vegetables like pumpkins around the room, and offer classic comfort food to your guests. However you choose to embrace the season, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration to create a cracking event.

If all else fails, stick to the original plan – with a few changes.

If you’re desperate to keep your event outdoors, there are a few ways you can make sure your guests will still have a great time. Firstly, it might be worth reminding guests that weather-proof clothing is a must when sending out invites. For larger events, keep a good stock of shower poncho’s, you can normally buy them pretty cheap online, and make sure you have some sort of sheltered area available. Serving a range of hot food and drinks will also keep your guests happy, and make them forget about the colder weather. At Jumping Jo’s, we even offer Fun Food Stalls, serving delicious carnival-style food that will make your mouth water.

Jumping Jo’s Bouncy Castle Hire offers a fantastic range of inflatable games and attractions perfect for any event and occasion. Check out our extensive product range to find the perfect addition to your autumn or winter event.

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