Plan The Ultimate Princess Party For Your Daughter With These Tips
Plan The Ultimate Princess Party For Your Daughter With These Tips

Make your daughter’s dream come true by throwing the ultimate princess party on her special day. Planning a themed party can be daunting and you might not know where to start, so we have compiled some helpful tips to guide you through the process.

1.  Determine if you want a big activity-filled party or just a small intimate gathering.
‘Ultimate’ princess party entails inviting your daughter’s close friends and their families over to make the day special. If you want to go all out for your child’s party, fill the schedule with fun activities including intermittent breaks for eating and resting.

2.  Allocate your budget.
A large percentage of your budget will probably be allocated to food and decorations. Furniture such as small chairs and tables can be borrowed. Be resourceful with the materials needed for each activity. This will help you distribute your budget to more important features of the party which could be your daughter’s dress or cake.

3.  Plan out how you will use your space.
Determine if you want to have the party at home and decorate the back garden with dainty ribbons and pink balloons/ You could hire out a room which can be a perfect setting to realise your princess-themed party. Just make sure that the location provides basic amenities such as toilets, sinks and first aid kits.

4.  Design your invitations.
This can be the fun part of the process since you can get your child involved in the creation of the invitations. You can download custom invites and add your own flare to the printed papers. You can create the invitations from scratch and incorporate some princess-themed ideas, such as using playful fonts and posting castle images. Don’t forget to ask your child for ideas and make her create her own invitation! This can also be a good mum and daughter bonding time.

5.  Snacks not meals.
Instead of a full meal, it may be best to serve snacks to ensure that everyone eats at the party. If you’re planning to have a party full of activities there is little chance that guests will have the time to drift over to the tables to have a full meal. Having a good selection of snacks that are on clear display can let the children just pick on a snack and eat periodically.

6.  Come up with fun activities.
Make sure that the activities agree with the children’s age range. Younger ones may have short attention spans so it is advisable to create activities that are short but engaging and exciting. You don’t have to get the itinerary packed with activities. Usually, having one main attraction can make the day more fulfilling. You can hire a princess-themed inflatable which is great for indoors or outdoors and let the kids enjoy the day playing. You can also use the inflatable as the centre of all the activities.

Here at Jumping Jo’s, we provide a variety of princess-themed inflatables that will make your daughter feel like a little princess. Whether you’re planning to have an ‘Ice Princess‘ themed party or a regular Fairytale themed one, we’ve got you covered. You can even hire several of our princess-themed parties on the day or otherwise book in advance so we can reserve them for your daughter’s special day. We can deliver any of our fantastic attractions to events across Somerset, North Dorset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire. Just get in touch with us through our website or call us on 01761 690014.

Planning to have a successful event with inflatables? Here’s a quick guide
Planning to have a successful event with inflatables? Here’s a quick guide

If you want an event that surpasses the expectations of guests, organisation and preparation can take the pressure off your shoulders. Planning and execution are required to ensure that everything goes well. Consider having a main attraction that will provide the theme of your event where you can complement fun and unique activities.

Look no further than Jumping Jo’s Inflatables. With your excellent planning and our brightly coloured inflatables, you can never go wrong! We have a variety of themed inflatables that can help you decide on a perfect and unique concept. But before we go over which themes you can choose from, we list a guide for you to plan an event with inflatables.

Estimate numbers

Make an assessment of the number of guests that will attend your event. Consider their plus one and make sure they are accounted for in your budget. It’s recommended that you hand out invitations or ask them personally to know if they’ll be bringing another guest. If you’re working on a certain theme, choose a location, date and time that can perfectly complement your theme.

Complement the food and decors with the themed inflatable

While children and adults lose themselves by playing on bouncy castles, remember to complement the day with the appropriate party food and decorations in tune with the party theme. Aside from that, we all know no party is complete without some sort of music playing in the background so prepare an ultimate party playlist.

Evaluate your venue

Safety is important. If your theme requires that you use an outdoor setting, make sure that the weather is taken into account, to avoid slips and accidents that might be encountered in heavy rain or drizzle while playing on the inflatables. Also, make sure the size of the venue is perfect for installing an inflatable. If your party is indoors, you don’t want a huge bouncy castle taking up all of the room.

Book early

Jumping Jo’s bouncy castles get booked often and we want to make sure that you will not be disappointed when you call and find out that the inflatable you want is not available. We advise you to book at least two weeks before the event so we can ensure that you will have a perfect fun-filled party.

Pick with our list of themes

With the basic guidelines set, you can now choose a concept that will make your event unique and exciting. We have compiled a list of our themed inflatables that can help inspire you.

If you’re not inspired by the list we have provided, take a look at the variety of uniquely-themed inflatables on our website we are sure that you will find the right fit!
Aside from exciting attractions, we at Jumping Jo’s prioritise health and safety. Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest possible standards to ensure the safety of everyone, young or old. Each member of our team is fully trained to effectively set-up, take down, and supervise the product you choose, leaving you with more time to enjoy your event. If you have any enquiries, give us a call on 01761 690 014 or fill out our contact form and a friendly and reliable member of our team will get back to you.

Planning Your Kid’s Party Using Bouncy Castles
Planning Your Kid’s Party Using Bouncy Castles

If you want to make your kid’s party an unforgettable experience for everyone, you might have considered throwing in everything that sounds fun and exciting- like photobooths, magicians, clowns and bouncy castles. But too many distractions might get the kids too rowdy and you don’t want them to be all over the place so that parents can supervise them better. It’s usually better to focus on one main attraction or have one main event so that the kids can spend their energy in one particular place. If you have decided that you’ll use a bouncy castle as your main attraction, we have listed a few guidelines that can help you in planning your kid’s party.

Decide on a particular theme.

The theme can be your kid’s favourite cartoon character or favourite types of toys, like princess dolls and dinosaurs. Deciding on a theme can also trim down your options to a particular thing. Invitations, decorations, food and games will be centred on your chosen motif. If you’re having a pirate-themed party for your kid, then a pirate-themed bouncy castle can be the main attraction of the celebration. Jumping Jo’s have a wide variety of themed bouncy castles that you can choose from. Pirates, princess, dinosaurs, unicorns, jungle, superheroes. Name it and we have it. We also provide bouncy castles with slide to add more fun.

Consider the number of your guests.

The number of guests will decide what kind of inflatable you can use, as certain bouncy castles can only accommodate certain number of people. There are also inflatables that can be used by both kids and adults. If you’re planning to hire this type of inflatable, it will be a perfect way for your guests to have some family bonding. If you’re opting to have a big party and invite many families, it is better to hire a bouncy castle designed to handle a lot of people or you can hire several inflatables to accommodate everyone.

Decide if the party will be indoors or outdoors.

Indoor party for your kid with the guests can only do so much. However, there are bouncy castles that are good for indoors and outdoors and if you’re opting for a small party with close friends, relatives and your kid’s playmates, hire an inflatable that will not take too much space. If the weather is not that good, indoor bouncy castles will definitely keep the kids have a high energy in playing. Indoor parties are also advisable for parents who want to supervise their kids closely as they can only run around the corners of your house or establishment.

Outdoor parties, on the other hand, are fun to have especially on a perfect weather. You can opt to have a bigger inflatable outdoors without worrying about cramped space and you can also choose to hire several bouncy castles so that the kids can try different courses.

Contact the bouncy castle provider weeks before the event.

Before handing out your invitations, purchasing the cake, cutting out decorations and planning the entire event, contact the bouncy castle hire first to ensure that they have the themed inflatable on the day for your event. Book immediately if you’re set on having a bouncy castle as the main attraction of the party so you’ll not face any problem.

If you’re looking for a bouncy castle entertainment that will delight all guests, young and old, Jumping Jo’s has a fantastic range to choose from. We can deliver any of our fantastic attractions to events across Somerset, North Dorset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire. Visit our website for more information on the bouncy castles we provide or give us a call on 01761 690 014 and speak to one of our dedicated members of staff. We would be happy to talk through your requirements and find the perfect entertainment for your event.

Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Inflatable

Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Inflatable

Staying cool in hot weather doesn’t have to be boring. Turn up the fun while cooling off from the heat. Give the kids the time of their lives by ordering an inflatable! This will be an experience that they will never forget. What are the things you need to consider in choosing the best inflatable for your use? We have compiled the things you have to take note when you decide to hire an inflatable.

The first thing you have to consider in choosing the perfect inflatable is your space. Different slides require various sizes of space in order to be set-up. You must be willing to rearrange things for the slide to fit. Before hiring, make sure that you check the sizes of the inflatable and the space you have at home. At least 20 x 20′ foot of space is needed for a regular 15’x15′ bounce house and a 30’x30′ space is needed for bounce house plus slide combo units.

The next thing you have to consider is the number of people you are planning to invite to your party. The number of guests matters when choosing the right inflatable as inflatables can only accommodate a certain number of people at a time. If you will be throwing a big party, it will be a good idea to hire a bigger inflatable.

In deciding what inflatable to hire, you must also consider the age of the guests. The age of the child will determine if he/she can go down the slide unattended. For example, a child that is three years old can be allowed in inflatables that have a no-jump top as it keeps them safe and secure when going down the slide. All the slides in our collection have built-in safety features as safety is our priority.

In a very hot weather, a small inflatable can be very stifling for children. That is why there are inflatables that are designed so that you can have them wet. As parents, it is your decision if you want the kids to get wet while sliding down or playing in the inflatable. For summer, it would be nice to put a little water adventure for the kids. You can check Jumping Jo’s collections to know which inflatables are suitable and safe to play even when wet.

Most children’s party requires a theme. Maybe your child loves princesses, or pirates, or jungle animals? It is time to show them that you pay attention to their favourites. There are many designs to choose from and you won’t run out of choices. Choose the one that you think your kids will love.

You have to set a budget for your party. This will help you determine how much you will be willing to spend for the inflatable. If you find the inflatable that’ll fit your budget, consider things such as quality and safety. You might come across inflatables that have a very good quality but have a high rental price. Don’t compromise on the quality. If it is worth the rental price then grab it.

If you are looking for the perfect inflatable that will delight all guests, young and old, Jumping Jo’s has a fantastic range to choose from. We at Jumping Jo’s provide the best inflatables for your party. We can deliver any of our fantastic attractions to events across Somerset, North Dorset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire. Just get in touch with us through our website or call us on 01761 690014.


Are you looking to throw your little girl a perfectly pink princess party in 2018?

Here at Jumping Jo’s we’ve got just the thing! We have the ideal new inflatable to complete your little girl’s birthday or special occasion. Our colourful pretty in pink princess character bouncy castle is the newest and prettiest addition to our collection of fun inflatables!

The Princess Bouncy Castle is ready for hire in 2018 for all pretty princess parties. The perfect addition to your child’s birthday bash, for any age. If you’re holding a themed kids party or simply want to add that touch of sparkle to a special gathering, here at Jumping Jo’s, we have the perfect package available.

The Princess Bouncy Castle hire provides fun and entertainment for all the family, giving hours of fun and memories they’ll never forget! The princess inflatable can accommodate up to six children up to 11 years of age. The colourful and perfectly pretty Princess Bouncy Castle is the ideal size to entertain your little ones and provide hours of fun.

Our inflatables at Jumping Jo’s stand out from the rest, with top-quality decorative illustrations, designed to fit perfectly with your princess party theme. Little girls, and boys alike will love the pretty design and inflatable fun. The perfect safe activity to tire them out after a busy day!

The princess inflatable castle is made from the best top quality grade materials. Complete with crash mats, sandbags, a blower and a 60m extension lead with RCD. The inflatable is well maintained, fully services and insured. Here at Jumping Jo’s we take your children’s safety extremely seriously, and ensure we go above and beyond with our standards of safety. We also don’t compromise on our levels of customer service and all of our bouncy castles are thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

Check our website today for availability and take advantage of our comprehensive online booking system today.

Make it a family affair
Make it a family affair

For some people organising an event can be a chaotic experience, and the thought of children running around can even terrify people.

You may be on a tight budget which restricts how many people you can invite, in which case it’s understandable that you are unable to cater for younger guests, but an event without the whole family will never be the same as an ‘everyone invited’ occasion. If you’re undecided as to whether to invite the kids along to your next event or occasion, here are a couple of reasons why we think you should.

Whether you’re planning a work event, wedding and children aren’t invited, there is a possibility that their parents won’t come either. Not only could this impact your close friend’s ability to attend, but it could also significantly overall numbers for your event. If you’re looking to host a working event or occasion over the weekend, why not make it a family fun day? Numbers are likely to increase, and everyone will have a great time getting to know the friends and family of coworkers.

Kids are an important part of the community, and to leave them out of important community events such as fundraisers or carnivals would be a real shame. Again, this could also mean that parent isn’t able to attend, but it will also be denying every one of the opportunity to connect with the community. For the kids, this will also be a great opportunity to develop critical social skills as they grow up, and make lifelong friends.

In the eye’s of a child, there is so much magic to be seen, and having them at your party or event will give you a glimpse into everything that they think is wonderful in the world. The joy on their faces is enough to warm the heart and make your event that little bit more special.

How to plan for children and adults

If you’ve been persuaded to extend an invitation to younger guests, it’s important to find some excellent entertainment to keep them happy and busy. Striking up the right balance between excitement for kids, and adults is sometimes difficult to achieve, however, there are some sure-fire ways to put a smile on every single face at your next event.

Attractions for everyone: Young and Old

Entertaining the young ones doesn’t have to be a chore, you might actually be surprised at how affordable and easy to arrange it can be. Bouncy Castles and Inflatable slides are the typical choices for children’s entertainment. They often come with exciting designs and illustrations and could keep the little ones busy for hours whilst the adults enjoy each other’s company. You might also find an inflatable suitable for kids and adults so everyone can get in on the fun.

More than just entertainment

For added fun for all the family, consider taking your entertainment that little bit further. If you’re providing food, be sure to include a selection that everyone will enjoy, including a range of snacks and sweet treats and a range of drink choices.

Photo booths are all the rage at the moment and great fun for all the family that provides a lasting moment for everyone to enjoy. The addition of a musical or magic act could be the perfect icing on the cake to entertain adults and kids alike.

If you’re looking for entertainment that will delight all guests, young and old, Jumping Jo’s has a fantastic range to choose from. We can deliver any of our fantastic attractions to events across Somerset, North Dorset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire. Visit our website for more information on the products we provide.

Planning an event this autumn/winter? Don’t let the bad weather get you down
Planning an event this autumn/winter? Don’t let the bad weather get you down

Party planning in the autumn/winter season can be tricky, especially with such turbulent weather. I think it’s fair to say that the weather recently has been pretty drab. If it hasn’t been pouring with rain, then the wind has been strong enough to whisk us off our feet. But just because the weather’s been atrocious, doesn’t mean you have to abandon your event altogether! A football game may be rained off, but your event doesn’t have to be, so here are a few tips to help you plan a fantastic event this autumn/winter season.

Find a venue that fits you, don’t fit around a venue.

If you’d originally planned to have your event outside, you would’ve probably been working with a lot more space. Your guest list may have been a little bigger, and you might have been planning for some pretty extravagant entertainment. That doesn’t have to change just because you need to move the event indoors, however. If you need to take your party inside, be sure to find a venue that suits your plans. Compromising to fit a smaller venue could mean that you have to cut down your guest list, change entertainment plans, or even adjust your theme entirely. Take a bit of time to do some venue research so you can still throw the party you want.

Inflatable attractions that can be set up indoors.

We’re pretty big fans of inflatable attractions here at Jumping Jo’s if you didn’t already know. If you were hoping to plan an outdoor event that included a bouncy castle or inflatable game, you may still be able to keep your entertainment. Many of our inflatables can be delivered and installed to indoor locations, as long as the necessary power outlets are available, there is sufficient space, and the surface is suitable. We can even supply a list of suitable venues across the Wiltshire and Somerset region.

Embrace the season for your event theme.

There are plenty of ways that you can embrace the autumnal and wintery weather when planning. However, why not use the season to create a great theme. Winter Wonderland may be the classic option, and there is no limit to the decoration that you go for – especially indoors. Find a snow machine, cover your venue in snowmen, snowflakes, polar bears, frosted trees and whatever else you can think of. If you’re considering an autumnal theme, fill the room with brightly coloured leaves in a range of orange, red, and brown hues. Dot autumnal vegetables like pumpkins around the room, and offer classic comfort food to your guests. However you choose to embrace the season, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration to create a cracking event.

If all else fails, stick to the original plan – with a few changes.

If you’re desperate to keep your event outdoors, there are a few ways you can make sure your guests will still have a great time. Firstly, it might be worth reminding guests that weather-proof clothing is a must when sending out invites. For larger events, keep a good stock of shower poncho’s, you can normally buy them pretty cheap online, and make sure you have some sort of sheltered area available. Serving a range of hot food and drinks will also keep your guests happy, and make them forget about the colder weather. At Jumping Jo’s, we even offer Fun Food Stalls, serving delicious carnival-style food that will make your mouth water.

Jumping Jo’s Bouncy Castle Hire offers a fantastic range of inflatable games and attractions perfect for any event and occasion. Check out our extensive product range to find the perfect addition to your autumn or winter event.

Team building with a difference
Team building with a difference

Team-building can be a valuable tool when looking to create a team that works effectively and efficiently. It can also be a great opportunity for staff to get to know each other outside of the office environment. These events don’t have to be limited to meals out, or even expensive weekend retreats. So, what exactly are some of the benefits of these team-building events – other than the obvious – and how could you arrange some exciting team building experiences, with a difference?

Get out of the office

A team building exercise should get your colleagues moving and working together. To give everyone a more enjoyable experience, get them out of the office for an afternoon! This gives you a great opportunity to build working relationships outside of the office, and create a more social atmosphere within the team. It also means you can have a few hours off work one afternoon. Who wouldn’t love that?

Healthy competition

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition every now and then, right? We encourage it in sport, we encourage it between companies, and we definitely encourage it at home in the occasional monopoly battle, so why not between staff? Setting up a competition in the office, whether you opt for sales targets, weekly task completion challenges, or even office scavenger hunts, could significantly improve productivity in the workplace as staff work to win the prize. Taking this in to your team-building events is just as important, as it will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Challenges such as a last man standing game, or something similar offer a great opportunity for this.

You’re building a team, so have them compete as a team

At the end of the day, the point of the exercise is to improve team relationships and morale, and working in team situations is the best way to achieve this. This when merged with the competition aspect will leave you a with a winning combination. Obstacle courses are possibly the best way to achieve this, or even alternative team games such as laser tag, or other team sports. The competition element will keep your colleagues fighting for the win, whilst working as a team will help them develop their strategizing, organisation, and efficiency skills.

Something for the big kid in all of us

Working weeks can be long and tiring. We all know this. It is vital that we do our bit to keep staff happy and relaxed in order to prevent burnout, and maximise productivity. By including games and challenges in your team-building event, everyone has the chance to let our hair down a bit. Relaxing, and doing fun activities with fellow colleagues will make your workplace a nicer place to be on the whole, ensuring that everyone feels happy and welcome on the team.

Not just a one-time thing

Setting up a team-building event doesn’t need to be a ‘once every couple of years’ kind of thing. Regular events will maintain team morale levels and will keep productivity high. Consider arranging two or three events over the course of the year – and don’t forget the Christmas do as well! Involving family members every now and again will also provide a great opportunity for staff to get to know each other a little better.

Jumping Jo’s is a proud supplier of unique and alternative team-building games and attractions. From our inflatable Laser Tag arena and inflatable Fun Runs, to our Last Man Standing and Rodeo Bull challenges, we’ve got something to suit any team building event. Contact the Jumping Jo’s team today to find your perfect team building solution.

Inflatable games! The must-have for your work do
Inflatable games! The must-have for your work do

When planning your work function, don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box. Choosing your entertainment and activities could be the difference between a hit and a miss, so why not try something a little unique? Inflatable games are an exciting alternative to standard entertainment and activities, and will make your annual work do the event of the year!

At Jumping Jo’s we supply a wide range of inflatable games and accessories to make a fantastic event that’s fun for all. So, what will they bring to your event?

Great fun for small kids and big kids

Inflatable attractions of all shapes and sizes, from bouncy castles, to rodeo rides, and particularly inflatable games can provide hours of entertainment for both kids and adults of all ages. No matter the function, be it an end of year work function, or a celebration of an important company achievement, these added activities will make the perfect addition to your function.

They’re unique, exciting, and loads of fun, and will no doubt allow some of the biggest kids to re-live a moment of their childhood.

Help to build team relationships

Team-building retreats have consistently been used to improve working relationships, and ultimately seek to improve productivity of staff to assure that the company is performing at its best. Inflatable games offer an interesting alternative to team building activities.

Team games, such as inflatable laser tag, can encourage team work and strategizing to overpower the opposing team and ultimately gain the victory. Not only will this improve communication among staff members, but it will ultimately help to build relationships among colleagues, with memories to laugh about over the Monday morning meeting.

The perfect way to let off steam

Work environments can often become stressful and high-pressure, particularly surrounding times of key deadlines throughout the year. In situations like this, employees deserve a chance to have a little fun at your event, but is your usual activity up to the task? Whilst your staff’s best interests may be at heart when planning an enjoyable work function, if there is little activity and excitement provided it may become yet another time-consuming work event.

Inflatable games like the inflatable Crazy Golf Course, or even the Fun Fair Side Stall offers a fun, imaginative and unusual addition to your work’s do. Staff can relax and enjoy themselves as celebration for a job well done.

Encourage a little healthy competition

Inflatable games will be an excellent way to encourage a little competition between colleagues. The Human Demolition Wrecking Ball, in particular, has opponents attempting to knock each other off their podiums with a giant wrecking ball, leaving the victor with ultimate bragging rights.

You could even make things a little more interesting by creating an elimination competition, offering prizes to the winners, and forfeits to the losers. Everyone will want to be involved, and take the final prize for themselves.

A good way to get everyone involved

A work function is often a non-compulsory event for staff to enjoy, but this could mean that some staff members don’t feel the need to attend. Turnout could also be low if they don’t believe their families welcome at the event.

Inflatable games provide something for everybody, and are a great form of entertainment for families. They can also be an interesting activity that will encourage more staff to take part and get involved in the action!

If you’re considering hiring one of these brilliant and unusual attractions for your work function (and we really think you should) visit the Jumping Jo’s website today.

Advantages of renting a bouncy castle for children
Advantages of renting a bouncy castle for children

Let’s start with a definition. What is a bouncy castle? It’s simply a large inflatable castle where children can enter and play inside. There are a variety of different types of bouncy castle designs that come in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit all themes and personalities. Kids will be thrilled at the prospect of bouncing around an exciting new play area, and there are several reasons why a bouncy castle is the ideal choice for any event with children.

Extremely entertaining

Children are obviously easily distracted by something colourful and different, which makes the bouncy castle desirable to all children. When children see others their own age playing on a bouncy castle, they immediately want in on the fun. A bouncy castle also allows them to make the most of their childish sense of fun, and their imaginations will run wild when they see a colourful palace to play inside. Also, all that bouncing and jumping activity isn’t only fun, but it’s beneficial to their health too!

Safety first

Children play with lots of different things, but they aren’t all necessarily safe. For example, when parents take their children out to the playground they usually need to watch over them to ensure they don’t hurt themselves. Children may knock things down and fall onto the hard concrete, or hurt themselves on metal play equipment. Most parents tend to feel more comfortable with their child playing in a bouncy castle than at the park. Bouncy castles are obviously far safer than playing in a normal playground. Even when children do fall and bump within the bouncy castle, the risk of serious injury is minimal. Some larger bouncy castles even come with a fully trained staff member, who’s costs are included in the listed price. If you are unable to source adequate supervision for the duration of a hire, then dependent on our staff availability, we may be able to provide a fully trained staff member to monitor the equipment.


Children change their minds all the time. One minute they’ll want to play on the bouncy castle for hours and hours, the next day they won’t be interested any more. When you hire a bouncy castle for an event, you give your child the opportunity to experience the fun and exhilaration of a bouncy castle, without wasting lots of money on something they may decide they won’t want the next day. A bouncy castle can be hired as and when you need, and for any duration of time, it’s completely flexible. You also don’t have to worry about storage like you would if making a permanent investment – the company takes care of that for you!

Helping to build new friendships

When children experience new things, it helps them build their confidence and gives them social skills. A bouncy castle gives children the perfect environment to have fun and socialise with their peers. Some children can feel apprehensive in certain social situations, which results in them feeling shy and withdrawn, but a bouncy castle provides a relaxed fun area to encourage friendships. Developing these social skills is crucial at a young age- so why not encourage it with a fun bouncy castle.

If you’re interested in hiring a bouncy castle for your next event or your child’s party, then contact us today to discuss your needs. We provide a wide range of bouncy castles, including bouncy castles with slides, bouncy castles in a whole rainbow of colours, and inflatable laser tag. We guarantee you will find something to suit your child’s personality! Get in touch today to see how we can help make a bouncy castle the perfect addition to your child’s day.