Inflatable games! The must-have for your work do


When planning your work function, don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box. Choosing your entertainment and activities could be the difference between a hit and a miss, so why not try something a little unique? Inflatable games are an exciting alternative to standard entertainment and activities, and will make your annual work do the event of the year!

At Jumping Jo’s we supply a wide range of inflatable games and accessories to make a fantastic event that’s fun for all. So, what will they bring to your event?

Great fun for small kids and big kids

Inflatable attractions of all shapes and sizes, from bouncy castles, to rodeo rides, and particularly inflatable games can provide hours of entertainment for both kids and adults of all ages. No matter the function, be it an end of year work function, or a celebration of an important company achievement, these added activities will make the perfect addition to your function.

They’re unique, exciting, and loads of fun, and will no doubt allow some of the biggest kids to re-live a moment of their childhood.

Help to build team relationships

Team-building retreats have consistently been used to improve working relationships, and ultimately seek to improve productivity of staff to assure that the company is performing at its best. Inflatable games offer an interesting alternative to team building activities.

Team games, such as inflatable laser tag, can encourage team work and strategizing to overpower the opposing team and ultimately gain the victory. Not only will this improve communication among staff members, but it will ultimately help to build relationships among colleagues, with memories to laugh about over the Monday morning meeting.

The perfect way to let off steam

Work environments can often become stressful and high-pressure, particularly surrounding times of key deadlines throughout the year. In situations like this, employees deserve a chance to have a little fun at your event, but is your usual activity up to the task? Whilst your staff’s best interests may be at heart when planning an enjoyable work function, if there is little activity and excitement provided it may become yet another time-consuming work event.

Inflatable games like the inflatable Crazy Golf Course, or even the Fun Fair Side Stall offers a fun, imaginative and unusual addition to your work’s do. Staff can relax and enjoy themselves as celebration for a job well done.

Encourage a little healthy competition

Inflatable games will be an excellent way to encourage a little competition between colleagues. The Human Demolition Wrecking Ball, in particular, has opponents attempting to knock each other off their podiums with a giant wrecking ball, leaving the victor with ultimate bragging rights.

You could even make things a little more interesting by creating an elimination competition, offering prizes to the winners, and forfeits to the losers. Everyone will want to be involved, and take the final prize for themselves.

A good way to get everyone involved

A work function is often a non-compulsory event for staff to enjoy, but this could mean that some staff members don’t feel the need to attend. Turnout could also be low if they don’t believe their families welcome at the event.

Inflatable games provide something for everybody, and are a great form of entertainment for families. They can also be an interesting activity that will encourage more staff to take part and get involved in the action!

If you’re considering hiring one of these brilliant and unusual attractions for your work function (and we really think you should) visit the Jumping Jo’s website today.

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