Great new party ideas for kids

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Not every child is happy with pass the parcel and balloon animals as the centre piece of their birthday celebrations, but finding new ideas for the best parties is hard.

Having a Disney princess or superhero making an appearance may not cut it with older children either, as sadly they grow out of that sort of thing all too fast.

And let’s be honest, there are times when competition with other parents kicks in and you want to make sure your cherub has a stand-out, memorable birthday bash that puts other parties in the shade.

So here are a few fresh ideas to make that birthday celebration special, both active and less active. Check back with us regularly for more ideas.

Inflatable laser tag

Both boys and girls love video games that challenge them and virtual reality chases are all part of the fun. How about moving the action into “reality” with an inflatable laser tag game that can pop up in your garden? Or you could hire your local community centre and its grounds or car park for more space.

You play this great game in an enclosed fog-filled arena of approximately 1000 sq. ft. One of the best things about this exciting option is that when the kids are tucking into their buffet, the grown-ups can jump in for a battle or two.

Sports parties

There has been a big push to get kids more active and certainly a high proportion of boys love to thrash around and do something physical when they get together.

Fear not: if you can’t rustle up a soccer or rugby pitch in your back garden, there are inflatable games that will bring huge grins to the faces of older (and taller) children.

Rodeo footballs and rodeo rugby balls can really get that party “rocking” and are likely to be a real novelty birthday idea. They couldn’t be easier to use, and even have a built-in camera to record the action. That means hours of laughter after the “do” too.

Obstacle courses

One of the most popular children’s activities in the UK is the giant inflatable obstacle courses that swimming pools use – often a feature of school holidays and Saturday swim sessions. Shivering in their swimming stuff, kids are happy to queue for ages to take their turn.

So why not bring a big slice of that brand of fun to your children’s party? (No swimming pool required).

You can hire challenging and laughter-inducing inflatable obstacle courses of various sizes to fit the space you have. Some have themes like pirates to add to the enjoyment.

Making makes parties fun

All of the above ideas involve lots of activity to tire out the little darlings while you sit in a chair supervising.

But it’s only fair to throw in a few ideas for children who can’t – or don’t want to – throw themselves around.

Parties that involve children in building or baking are really “on trend”. For younger kids, this could be a Lego-themed event, with ideas, inspiration and a tonne of colourful bricks.

Children of all ages love decorating cupcakes, or these days making “Freak Shakes” – giant milkshakes using every sweet ingredient under the sun including ice-cream, fresh cream and chocolate bars.

There are also some great indoor tents available for hire for younger children – colourful and sweet – so they can make lots of dens and play “houses” to their heart’s content.

Making fresh and novel parties affordable

It’s far too easy to get carried away with giving our children a day to remember (and out-doing other parents). You don’t want to be paying for this party until the next birthday rolls around!

We don’t have the tents and Lego (and we wish we had those Freak shakes) but all the other items in this list of fresh ideas are available from Jumping Jo’s bouncy castle hire. We cover the Radstock, Bath and Somerset areas and offer prices that may well have you jumping with joy. Call us for something new that your child will never forget.

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