Below are some common questions and answers.


1.1 Where does Jumping Jo’s operate its bouncy castle hire service?
Jumping Jo’s operates it’s inflatable & bouncy castle hire service thought the Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire area within a 30-mile radius of Radstock & Midsomer Norton.
1.2 Where do Jumping Jo’s hire out and offer inflatables, bouncy castles & fun foods equipment hire too?
Jumping Jo’s of Radstock Bath Somerset hires out inflatables, bouncy castles & fun foods equipment across the whole of Somerset parts of Wiltshire & Dorset. IncluIncluding Keynsham, Brislington, Whitchurch, Bristol, the Chew Valley area, the Mendips, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, Frome, Shepton Mallet, Wells, Glastonbury, Street, Burnham on sea, Highbridge, Cheddar. As well as all the other towns and villages in between, don’t forget if you live within a 30-mile radius of Radstock or Midsomer Norton we deliver in your area.
1.3 Do you require access to an electric outlet?
The Client must ensure there is a 13amp electrical outlet within 30-60 meters of where the inflatable will be located we can hire you a generator or petrol blower depending on availability.
1.4 Can the inflatable be delivered through the house/garage or down a narrow side entrance?
Inflatables are a lot heavier and bigger than most people expect, we move them using sack trucks. It is sometimes possible to take them through a building. Unfortunately, if it should rain, water will get inside the inflatable; this tends to drain out while being moved, sometimes on your carpet! Whatever route the inflatable is using (be it through the house or outside) there will need to be at least 36″ (unless otherwise stated as some equipment is large) width for the trucks and inflatable to move along. Please remove any obstacles before our arrival (if we are requested to take items through a property this is done solely at the hirer/clients responsibility.
1.3 Can inflatables be taken upstairs or steps?
Inflatables are not the easiest to move up, and down flights of stairs, during the booking process, you will be asked if there are more than three steps in a row! If there are more than 3 please contact us on 01761 490 014 and we will be happy to advise of any suitable equipment we can offer.
1.6 If I want the inflatable outside where is the most suitable place?
For reasons of safety any inflatable sited outdoors must be sited on a reasonably flat, grassed area (a slight slope can be acceptable) so that it can be anchored to the ground with stakes. The area needs to be free from sharp objects, stones, animal excrement and excessive mud. If there are overhanging trees, branches or bushes encroaching on the area they inflatable is to be sited, these will need pruning back before our arrival. The inflatable cannot be sited with any side of it brushing up against trees, branches, bushes, and fences, etc. Paddling pools and barbecues must not be sited within 10 feet of the inflatable. Smoking is not allowed on or near any inflatable.

You will require a minimum of 3 feet to the front and rear of the inflatable equipment and 2 feet to the sides. Please make sure all items such as garden toys, swings, slides, patio furniture, rubbish bins, washing lines, etc. are not obstructing the site where the inflatable is going to be located. We will need access to a 13amp electricity power supply within 30-60m of the inflatable. TIP: Please ensure the site and accesses where you would like the inflatable erected is clear and big enough, during the summer months we are running a tight schedule to ensure all our client’s deliveries/collections can be completed on time. If the site is deemed unsuitable, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

1.7 Can the inflatable be set up on a slope?
It is unsafe to set up the equipment on a slope however on a slight incline it may be possible. If you are unsure, please contact us, we can then advise you.
1.8 Can the inflatables be sited outdoors on a hard standing?
If an inflatable is going to be sited outdoors, it must be securely held down to prevent a risk of injury. On grassed area, 16mm heavy duty pegs will be used. In some instances, it may be possible to site the inflatables on a hard standing. This would be by prior discussion and may involve the use of ground bolts; this would incur an extra charge for this service. If this applies to you, then please contact us, and we can advise you.
1.9 Can I put the inflatable outside at any time of year?
During the winter months, we would advise you seek an indoor venue to ensure the hire can go ahead (October to the end of March), even when it is dry it can be wet and cold. In spring and autumn, we base our decision on the prevailing weather conditions. However, in heavy rain or winds at any time of the year, it is unsuitable to erect inflatables. That is the joy of the British weather!
1.10 Can the inflatable be used indoors too?
Yes, of course, we deliver and install in many venues across the area, venues have the advantage your hire is not affected by adverse weather conditions! Indoor hire is the best option when the weather isn’t that great because your hire will not be affected! We have a comprehensive list of venues on the website along with details to make contact and book directly. All of our bouncy inflatables and bouncy castles are available for indoor hire but do very in size (Some are large, the sizes are listed in the description). It is the responsibility of the hirer to check the size of the venue they are considering hiring and to ensure there is the necessary clearance required to install the chosen equipment safely. Sometimes venues have hanging lights or low beams that make it harder to locate inflatables. We will let you know when you book if there is a known problem with the specific inflatable in the chosen venue.
1.11 How long does it take to erect and pack away the inflatable?
This would depend on the complexity and size of the inflatable but 10-20 minutes on average to set up and 20-30 minutes to pack away. However this is only a guide, times may vary this will be dependent on the equipment you wish to hire and the access available.


Q 2.1 How long do I get the equipment for?
The prices on our website are for an event between 2 and 8 hours. We do our utmost to accommodate our customer’s requirements. We are acutely aware of time restriction when booking a venue. We ask you to select the time you would like the equipment delivered and the time the event starts, this then allows us to best plan our routes, we also ask you to advise the time your event finishes and the time after to pick up this helps us to best plan are routes.
Q 2.2 What time will the equipment be delivered and collected?
You can request your preferred delivery times this helps us best plan are delivery routes
Q 2.3 Can we hire overnight?
We are unable to offer an overnight hire service, we can usually accommodate a late pick up if agreed in advance so give us a call on 01761 490 014.
Q 2.4 I have left it to the last minute. Am I too late to book?
Give us a call on 01761 490 014, if we can accommodate your booking, we would be more than happy to help you.
Q 2.4 My delivery address is not listed, do you deliver to my area?
No Problem, If your area is not listed, then please contact us on 01761 690 014, and we will try our very best to accommodate you.


Q 3.1 Does the equipment require supervision?
All of our equipment has to be supervised by a competent and responsible adult all the time. Some of our larger hourly hired inflatables and equipment come with a fully trained staff member combined in the listed price. If you are unable to source adequate supervision for the duration of a hire dependent on our staff availability we may be able to provide a fully trained staff member to monitor the equipment. This service will be charged at an additional cost of £15 per hour per staff member (this will require one member of staff per piece of equipment hired and must be booked at time of making a booking).
Q 3.2 Can adults use the inflatables?
Adults and children can use most our equipment; please check the specification of the equipment you would like to hire.
Q 3.3 Can I mix size and age?
It’s not a good idea to combine size and age as it is dangerous. It is best to only allow children of a similar age and size on the equipment at the same time or to have separate equipment suitable for the age/size range.
Q 3.4 Can I use the inflatable in the rain?
It is not advisable to use an inflatable in the rain as the blower uses an electrical power supply. The inflatable can also become slippery making it dangerous when wet. In the event of a shower passing over, we recommend all guests get off the equipment and shelter inside away from the rain! The inflatable equipment can stay up as this helps to stop the water pooling inside and makes drying quicker (this can be aided by towelling down once the rain has stopped), we advise you protect the electrical equipment from the wet while allowing the blower to pull in air. When the rain has passed over the surfaces can be dried using towels ready to be used again. You may see some foaming from the seams! This is normal and helps dry out the insides of the inflatable. Some of our inflatables incorporate shower covers – they primarily help to provide some shelter from the sun, though will help protect the castle in the event of a light shower of rain.

In the event, the weather conditions were to deteriorate the equipment would need to be deflated; inflatables should not be used in wet or windy Conditions.

Q 3.5 Do you offer free cancellations in the event of bad weather?
In the case of bad weather conditions leading up to your day of hire, we will contact you and discuss whether you still want to go ahead with the hire, but many customers will want to wait until the morning of the hire to make a decision. If there are high winds, or it is raining heavily on the day of the hire, we may have to choose to cancel the booking for safety reasons. There is no charge to cancel your reservation for inclement weather, however in poor weather conditions we would highly recommend moving your hire to an indoor venue if possible, or you may want to reschedule to another day.
Q 3.6 How many children can use the Bouncy Castle at the one time?
Please see the bouncy castle descriptions here you will find the manufacturers recommendations, it depends on the ages and height of the persons using the equipment and the type of equipment hired. Remember safety is paramount, it is always better to have too few on, than too many.
Q 3.7 When it is hot can I put water on the inflatable?
Please do not put water on Inflatables, water and electricity don’t mix. Even if the inflatable appears to be dry at the end of the day, there could still be water inside. This would be difficult to get out and makes the inflatable much heavier and can take several days to dry.
Q 3.8 Is there any other things I need to keep off the inflatables?
Please do not allow any silly string, streamers, party poppers, food, drink and chewing gum on the inflatable as these can stain and the material. No animals/pets are to go on the inflatable. Shoes, badges, jewellery, or any hard, sharp objects, should not be taken onto the inflatable. We also recommend that spectacles are removed.
Q 3.9 What about insurance cover?
We have public liability insurance cover for the sum of 5 million pounds which would cover accidents if we were to be at fault, such as equipment failure or failing to install a unit correctly. It is the hirer’s responsibility for the security of any equipment during the hire the period. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer to provide provision of a safe electricity supply and the safe operation of the equipment as per our “Terms and Conditions” and ensure Constant Adult Supervision.
3.10 What happens if we damage the Bouncy Castle?
If the damage to the equipment is considered by us to be malicious, then the hirer will be held liable to pay for all repairs or replacement and transport costs associated with having the inflatable fixed as well as loss of revenue due to not being able to meet our other client’s requirements. If adults use equipment intended for use by children and it is damaged, then the above will also apply.


Q 4.1 Do you supplied inflatables and equipment for fun days, fetes, fairs and galas?
Of course! We can provide any selection of the equipment and or services displayed on our website for events some of our large equipment is designed specifically for events with a high throughput of people. You can hire the equipment from us, and if you wish to charge the public to use it to raise funds, the bigger hourly rated equipment comes with a fully trained staff member included in the price where stated, and the smaller daily priced equipment can be staffed on request at an additional cost. Please contact us on 01761 690 014 if you wish to discuss the options available for your event.


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