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01761 690 014

Fun Run Hire

Fun run and obstacle curse hire

Fun runs can be the centre of attention or an enticing side attraction, depending on how you want to set your event out. Whether you have adults or children on your guest list, consider what a fun run can add to your occasion.

A chance to bond
Whether it is a community fete, a children’s birthday party or a corporate event, there is a good chance that the opportunity to convene as a group and strengthen the relationships between each other is one of the reasons to hold the event in the first place. This is where fun runs come in, giving you a perfect chance to bounce around, enjoy a shared experience and have fun as a group.

Attracting all ages
From toddlers up to adults who should really know better, there are very few age restrictions for fun runs. Our range of inflatables, from two fun runs to a series of obstacle courses, are attractive to several generations. This makes them suitable for targeted demographics, such as a university or sports club event, through to occasions which are expected to welcome a range of ages, such as community dates.

Made for the West Country
Funs runs could almost have been made for the West Country, with a number of outdoor spaces around areas such as Bath, Trowbridge and Glastonbury. They lend themselves perfectly to spring and summer events during which we like nothing more than getting out and appreciating the sun.

Speak to the experts
To discover how a fun run can become a star attraction at your event, speak to the leading provider in the West Country – call Jumping Jo’s today on 01761 690 014 and speak to a member of the friendly team.