Bouncy castle party games

Bouncy castle party games

You have hired the bouncy castle, the sun is shining and you have a group of excited children just dying to get on and bounce. Meanwhile, you are trying to ensure they are all playing safely and having fun. Here are some organised games you can play on the bouncy castle to ensure everything is under control and still enjoyable.

Musical Statues or Bumps

These are games they will all know, but standing still like statues when the music stops is much harder on an inflatable! This would be great for slightly older children and Bumps is an easier alternative for younger children as they just have to sit down when the music stops.

Capture the Flag

This is a great game that many children play at school so most will know the rules. If you have a larger bouncy castle, you can make a base for each team (maybe opposite corners) and attach a coloured flag of some sort. Each child also has a piece of material or paper in their team colour which they put in a back pocket, belt loop etc. The aim of the game is to capture the other team’s flags and the winner captures the flag from the opposing team’s base.

Bursting Balloons

Standard procedure at any birthday party, especially with older children, is the ritual balloon bursting. Why not turn this into a game where the children jump on balloons to burst them, they will love it.

Port and Starboard

This is an easy game to give kids a workout while ensuring they have fun! When the adult/captain shouts:

“Port” they all bounce to one side;

“Starboard” they bounce to the other side;

“Captain’s Coming” they have to stand to attention and salute;

“Climb the Rigging” they pretend to climb a rope;

“Sharks” jump as high as they can to avoid toes getting nipped;

“Submarines” they have to lie down.

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